Variety Of Spices In Life Essay

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One of the most essential component(s) of life is variety.(don't put the example just after the topic sentence.write some sentences so as to support your thesis sentence and then ur examples) The variety of opinions, variety of experiences and the variety of lifestyle(Sir, rewrite it as: the variety of opinions, experiences, and life style) made the development of our(it is suggested not to use ours here.write:islamic civilization.) civilization possible. Had there been no variety in life, our(muslims') lives would have been monotonous: filled with boredom.

(sir write this sentence in the first para because the very sentence is concluding ur first pra)Variety, therefore, is an indispensible part of life. Journey of our civilization from caveman to modern day human became possible only because of variety. For example, Thomous Edison invented electric bulb. Though it was a marvellous invention, scientists however were not satisfied with it(is this contribution of our civilization.indeed, it is of westerners'). Hence, they made amendments in its shape and functions. Consequently, they developed more sophisticated forms of electric bulbs today we(sir try to use third person as per rule.) have. Further, it is because of variety that Will Durant,a passionate philosopher, preferred to be a philosopher, while John Keats loved composing poetry. This clearly illustrates the importance of variety in life.

As such, the world would have experienced a standstill in the absence of variety. Growth and development of human culture and society would have been impossible. There would have been no joy, no colour to life,(life would have been devoid of colours and happinesses) had there been no variety in life. Thus, it becomes evident(it becomes clear) that variety makes the life interesting and worth living.


This world is a stage upon which the drama of life is played by men and women. It is a very interesting drama. That is why nobody, however, miserable, likes to leave this world. This drama is so gripping because the scenes are changing every minute. Light changes into darkness ; childhood changes into old age ; life changes into death ; dry seeds change into lovely tall trees and rosy lips and cheeks change into wrinkled faces. Change or variety is a part of life. In fact, it is variety only that adds flavour to life.
‘Variety is the spice of life’ is a true maxim. Life would have been dull and dry, dismal and dark, if there had been no variety in it. No dish can be relished if there arc no spices in it. It is the presence of the spices only that makes a dish full of taste and deliciousness. Variety plays the same role in life as the spices play in the preparation of dishes. In fuel, it is not possible to think of life in which there is no variety.
Change or contrast is essential in life. ‘Light’ for example has no meaning if there is no ‘darkness’; Love’ has no meaning if there is no ‘hatred’.
Any action, however interesting at first, becomes monotonous in the long run. Take the case of an executioner. When he hangs a man for the first time, he is badly shaken at the idea of putting a human life to an end. But as he gets used to it, he becomes a hardened soul.
Change has its own thrill and delight. Look at nature. Does it not undergo a change every moment ? Everything is changing. Every moment there is a change. The sun rises and sets; autumn changes into spring and summer changes into winter, flowers bloom and wither away;   ; day changes into night and night changes into day.   A poet has rightly remarked :

“What is on earth,
Nay, under heaven, continues at a stay ?
Ebbs not the sea, when it has overflowed,
Follows not darkness, when the day is gone ?”
Variety in life is, in fact, a biological and psychological...

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