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I wrote this yesterday, it’s called the glorification of the modern day hoe

We celebrate hoes, getting peso’s for taking their clothes off, a blow job

is now an occupation, getting famous is compensation, show your anus and

get further accommodation, nurture our pagan ways, virgins we defer them

and stay way, can’t curve our pervert ways, these are dirty birds of prey,

screw em like we never heard of aids, but the feeling of our sperms to

the amount of hoes is higher than the murder rate, all the current praise

is going to girls who raise their legs in beds in widespreads for magazines,

no celebration of valiant deeds, but to girls who are scantily dressed,

who breathe sex and give head the best with double d breast,

their everywhere in heavy gear, and every year another pair appears,

i give a sneer a jeer when they come near to stardom, tryna blow up but only become stardust

June 18th, 2012

To put it simply: we ghostwrite intricate lyrics for emcees. Instead of just 1 person sitting down and trying to write, our lyricists work together as a team on every verse and this is a big reason why our level of rap is so much higher than everyone else’s. Emcees that work with us get our whole team behind them which is a huge advantage over traditional emcees. How so?

We write to your vision. You choose the subject matter and we basically translate that into complex lyrics. If you want a verse about a kid named Troy growing up in the inner-city, that's what we write about. If you want a verse about partying all night, that's what we write about. This is why we don't like the term 'ghostwriting'. More on rap ghostwriting vs. translating.

To get a better understanding of why this is, it's important to recognize how fan bases work because it's completely different than it was just a decade ago. Piracy for example, wasn't even talked about in the late 90's and now we're seeing entire labels collapse from it just 10-15 years later. The recent rise of the independent artist is another good example of this.

The quality we put out is what separates us from the rest of the game and the skill of our lyricists is second to none. Again, the fact that we have 5-10 people working as a team on each verse is a big reason why our quality of bars is at the level it is but it’s also because each of our lyricists individually has 10-20 years experience on their belt.

Today, making it big is pretty random if you're putting out ordinary lyrics and flows. Particularly in the mainstream it's more dependent on how much a publishing company invests in marketing you than anything else. So chance and random luck play a large role, but with PW at your side, you're literally guaranteed to blow up. Chance isn't a factor.

We recommend you check out a talk one of our top lyricists Alex gave called the Evolution of Hip Hop. He explains how technology is changing the industry, what role elaborate and detailed lyrics play and how it all applies to you.


Our lyrics are written so you flow in perfect unison with the instrumental. We know how to write the lyrics to the beat so as to make it sound as though the beat was written to the lyrics. Having good flow's essential but it's just as important to make sure that flow rides well with the inter-workings of the instrumental. This is how detailed we can get with it.


We offer an 8 Bar Sample Verse for any first time clients. This lets you get a taste of what working with us is like and our quality of lyrics. You choose the subject matter, song concept and instrumental. Click below to get started.


We try to include a lot of unpredictability in our lyrics so as to never sound repetitive and to keep listener's attention. The lyrics on paper aren't enough to understand the intended flow and cadence. Because of this, we include an audio track to follow along with so you can hear exactly how the verse is performed as well as notes for the trickier parts.


Here at Precision Writtens, we like to support the Independent movement and the 'do it yourself' route. It's a movement that's reshaping Hip-Hop for the better. We're proud to offer substantial discounts to any Independent artists and/ or labels collaborating with us.


A lot of people argue flow is the most crucial attribute in rap. We specialize in diverse and creative flows that grab and hold the listeners attention. This makes it easy to get fans because people want to know what they're hearing and then from there it's all down hill.


All of the lyrics are written from a blank slate. What you get has never been sold to another artist or label. It's 100% unique to your vision and message. We even take into account anything we've previously written for you, so to avoid using a similar style or flow.

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