Lsp 120 Unemployment Assignment

Students must have already completed English 11, IB.

Course Description:
The IB English course is a continuation of the curriculum of English 11, IB, with the framework of two-year curriculum established by the International Baccalaureate council. The class is divided into two parts: the first semester focuses on multiple genres which then culminate in a twenty minute oral commentary, and the second part focuses on one genre leading to the official IB tests in the spring. This test consists of two essays: one requiring the analysis of a passage of unseen literary text, and the other a response to a question based on the works studied. Fall semester begins with an in-depth study of poetry, focusing on the poet Langston Hughes and the impact his work had on the Harlem Renaissance and the Civil Rights movement. Following poetry, students read Zora Neale Hurston’s fictional novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, with special focus the women’s rights movement. Finally, students read speeches by Martin Luther King, Jr., discussing the rhetorical devices that made his works so powerful. Second semester students read five plays: A Doll’s House, Othello, The Glass Menagerie, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, and The Importance of Being Earnest. Literary devices unique to drama are stressed, as is continuing discussion of the effects of the importance the playwright’s culture and context had on their works. Throughout the year, students complete several written assignments; some are in the form of in-class timed writing, but students will also write a five to seven page research paper in the form of a literary analysis. The aim of this course, its curriculum, and content develops the IB learner profile traits and encourage students to be communicators, knowledgeable, open-minded, risk-takers, balanced, thinkers, inquirers, principled, caring, and reflective.

LSP 120 - Mathematical and Technological Literacy I (MTL I)
Proficiency Exam 

For more information contact:

Ozlem Elgun Tillman
Office:  SAC 288

Please send an email inquiry. We will respond promptly.



The purpose of the MTL courses at DePaul University is to help students to become confident and critical users of quantitative information.  These courses address the growing need for quantitative and computer literacy in the face of an enormous expansion in the use of quantitative methods and information in the social and physical sciences as well as daily life.


Testing Out of MTL I


If you feel you already know the material in MTL I, it is possible to take a proficiency exam to test out of this course. If you feel that you also know the material in MTL II, you may take a separate proficiency exam to test out of MTL II.  The testing guidelines are as follows:

  • You may take the proficiency exam at anytime; however, if you are registered for the course and want to add/drop, you must take the test during the first week of the start of classes (or the first two days of the start of classes in the summer).

  • Students make not take the proficiency exam if the course is listed on their official transcript.

  • The proficiency exam consists of 9 problems (with multiple parts) that cover most of the topics listed below.

  • To successfully complete the requirement for MTL I, a score of at least 70% is required. 

  • The proficiency exam is taken in SAC 288 by appointment.  Please contact Ozlem Elgun Tillman at or call (773) 325-4663.

  • There is a strict time limit of two hours for each exam.

  • You can bring and use your own calculator. There is a scientific calculator available on the computer you will use.

  • The QR center reports these scores to your college office.

  • This exam may be taken only once.

  • If you are enrolled in the class when you pass the proficiency exam, you must drop the class (generally through Campus Connect). Students who drop the class after the add/drop deadline will receive a W on their transcript. If the exempted course is not officially dropped before the drop deadline, the grade given by the instructor based on class performance will appear on your official transcript. For important dates see:

  • If you pass the proficiency exam, you will not receive course credit, but will have satisfied MTL I requirement.

  • For the test, you will be required to show your DePaul ID card.

  • If you have any other questions,  please contact Ozlem Elgun Tillman at or call (773) 325-4663.  You may also stop by SAC 288.


Study  Guide for MTL I


As part of MTL I, you are expected to be proficient in the following math concepts and Excel skills.  To assist you in your review, we have attached notes and practice questions along with the percentage of problems covering that topic on the exam. 



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