Shoe Horn Sonata Essay Bored Of Studies

Standard English Essay 25/25 - The Shoe Horn Sonata

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HSC - Year 12 - English (Standard)

John Misto, the creator of the Australian play ‘The Shoe-Horn Sonta’ used distinctly visual techniques to highlight the past distinctive experiences during World War II, shared by two friends, Sheila and Bridie. Through the use of powerful dialogue, and engaging dramatic techniques, Misto explores, through their testimonies, the untold story of hundreds and thousands of women imprisoned by the Japanese in South East Asia . Misto features the play around the recounts and flashbacks of Bridie, an Australian army nurse, and Sheila, a young English girl both of whom were captured and sent to prisoner of war camps under the Japanese authority. The failure of the military and government authorities, as well as the will to survive, the revelation of truth and the power of friendship are outlined in this drama. On the other hand, the poem ‘The SendOff’ written by Wilfred Owen, was set in World War I, and is about the departure of soldiers for war. This poem is similar to The Shoe-Horn Sonata as it reflects a shameful image of the operation as ‘too few’ will return. Through the use of visual language, Owen shows the excited anticipation of the soldiers at the beginning of the poem, who were sent out quietly, ‘so secretly, like wrongs hushed up’. Both of these texts highlight the past experiences, during war, the consequences it can have and the effect of music. Set in the present, the play consists of fourteen scenes. Misto uses juxtaposition as the dialogue consists of both private and public conversations which create powerful links between the public and private voices and emotions between the two characters. The action cuts between two settings: a television studio and a Melbourne motel room. The opening scene shows Bridie re-enacting the kowtow, a tribute to the emperor of Japan. [ Bridie stands in a spotlight. She bows stiffly from the waist, and remains in this position.] Stage directions allow the readers to visualise exactly how the composer wants it to be performed. The reader is able to share their experiences, and feels engaged with Bridie at this point. Misto uses photographic images, projected

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