Case Study Henio I Krysiaks

Don’s Specialty Sandwiches
Add Cheese or Bacon
½ lb. Ground Round Burger If you’re in the mood for a good burger, THIS IS IT!! Grilled just how you like it with your choice of toppings

Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe
Warning!!! You’ll have to use both hands. Loaded with crispy bacon, melted cheese & your choice of toppings.

Wood Fired Turkey Burger
Served on home-style bun with your choice of toppings

Fish Sandwich
Two pieces of cod topped with our homemade tartar sauce & lettuce

Chicken Breast
Lightly seasoned, grilled or crispy breast of chicken served on a home-style bun, with lettuce and tomato

Hot Beef or Turkey
Served with a mound of locally grown mashed potatoes covered w/gravy

Three Little Piggies
A mound of pulled pork, bacon and ham, melted cheddar cheese, topped with a fried egg and sun-dried tomato mayo

Shaved corned beef, sauerkraut, melted cheese sandwiched between two slices of delicious rye bread

Grilled Cheese
Southwest Veggie Wrap Grilled peppers, onions, mushrooms, rice and cheddar cheese drizzled with southwest spicy ranch dressing With Chicken

Don and Lois started Krzysiak’s House Restaurant in 1979 when they purchased a local Tavern known as Big Dan’s Bar. They had a dream of opening a restaurant which served home cooked food with a European flair at a reasonable price. Today, their dream is being fulfilled as Krzysiak’s House Restaurant has become one of the most famous in the area. Travelers from foreign countries and places all over the United States visit often.

The restaurant began operating with only five employees. At present that number has grown to more than seventy, with some of the original still with Krzysiak’s House today. The building itself has been expanded five times to handle the demand for more seating. The restaurant commonly serves from 700 to 900 customers per day.

The success can be attributed to a friendly atmosphere which is reflected in the name itself, Krzysiak’s “House” Restaurant, a caring staff that makes everyone feel at home, and their specialty, “Authentic Polish Cuisine” at a reasonable price. All of the food served at Krzysiak’s House Restaurant is home made.

In a one year period, They use:
25,000 lbs. of homemade egg noodles — 175,000 gallons of chicken noodle soup
225,000 lbs. of fresh chicken — 200,000 lbs. of fresh potatoes
35,000 lbs. of homemade sausage

Their famous homemade sausage and noodles are distributed from Michigan all the way down to Kentucky by Gordon Food Service. Aside from their sausage and noodles, Krzysiak’s House Restaurant is noted for many other homemade specialties: Breads, Soups and Candies!!! Other items of interest are the hand painted murals done by local artists. Each mural has a special significance. The Northeast wall depicts family members, grandparents, mother and father, sons and daughter. The center of the wall captures the construction process during the restaurant’s evolution, while the Northeast wall features employees who were present during that period.

The Cathedral walls reflect pictures that were taken during Don’s trip to the motherland, Poland. People from near, far and abroad visit Krzysiak’s House Restaurant just to photograph or videotape all of the beautiful works of art. Don and Lois hope that everyone who visits will enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant as much as they do and will leave feeling like family.

Don and Lois’s dream is answered by son, Donald II who is now helping Don and Lois to carry on the tradition of home cooked food at reasonable prices. Enjoy!!!

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