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I applied online. I interviewed at Sapient.


I applied via the easy Linked In feature with just my resume and was promptly contacted by a recruiter. I had a general screening call with the recruiter which consisted of questions like--tell me about yourself; why are you looking for new opportunities; what are your salary expectations, etc.

The second step is a phone case study which takes about an hour. The interviewer reads the case study and asks a few questions to gauge your thought process. Very standard--missing information, no right or wrong answers.

After passing that round, I was brought in for an in-person interview which the recruiter prepared me for-- 1 hour behavioral, 1 hour to work out a case study, and 1 hour of debriefing the case study, answering questions, and some general behavioral and business/market questions. The behavioral interview was standard questions you can find on any website and is with 1 staff member. The hour of case study is done on your own. You are given a standard case study with lots of unnecessary info, missing info, and questions and are asked to white board a powerpoint presentation which you will then present to the next interviewer. If you have been in enough consulting projects, the case study resembles any client engagement methodology. The next interviewer comes in when the hour is up and asks you to present, asks some clarifying questions, then you just chat. Sometimes, a second interviewer comes in for either the behavioral or case study portion; this is an interviewer in training.

My recruiter was awesome and always available. After a couple of months of follow-ups, it looked like they found a position for me and I received an offer. All in all, I'd say this is more structured than other interviews, but not necessarily harder.

Interview Questions

  • All was very standard. This is a very Agile firm, so definitely know what it is and why it's beneficial over traditional approaches.   Answer Question


I considered the full benefits package including 401k contributions, bonuses, healthcare expenses, employee paid parking, no expensing of cell phone bills and lunches, etc. That definitely tagged on quite a bit. Timing of bonuses and salary actions wasn't clear until starting; you generally don't get a raise a few months in, regardless of what anyone says during hiring. My negotiation was very straightforward; I received an offer, gave a counter, and received an updated offer.

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I applied online. The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at Sapient Global Markets (Calgary, AB (Canada)) in November 2015.


I was contacted to schedule a phone interview where I walked through my resume. Then I was asked to expand upon how my business experience would help in both a consulting setting and the capital markets. After a fairly average phone interview I received an email inviting me to the super day at the nearby office. This was a five hour event that had an introduction of Sapient from the VP of the branch, case interview solved on a white board and then presented, behavioral interview, and then a group logic based problem. Based on snips of information we were to identify which car, hobby, and profession belonged to the right person. Which was actually quite a bit of fun to solve. We ended up getting it correct with a few minutes to spare. We were told we would hear back within two weeks regardless of hiring decision. After multiple phone calls to them, still haven't heard a thing.

Interview Questions

  • Q: What would your friends say is your biggest strength? Weakness?
    Q: Tell me about a time you had a conflict and how you resolved it?
    Q: What is your greatest accomplishment to date?   Answer Question
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