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One of the fastest growing sports in the world is racing. Racing in general can consist of many different types such as: Drag Racing, NASCAR, Indy, Motor Cross, Truck Rally. The topic of racing that I am chose was street racing. Street racing originated from drag racing on the quarter-mile strip. The concept of drag racing is when two racers in different cars would line up at a white line, and in the middle of the two cars would be a light post, called the Christmas tree for its red, yellow and green bulbs. The tree does what a stoplight does, except backwards, it starts from red, then to yellow, then to green. On the quarter-mile strip, when the light hits green, the two racers are supposed to try to go as fast as they can before the…show more content…

When the street racers thinks he is ahead with a sufficient amount of road and time in between the other racer and himself, the racers through on their hazards as a sign of winning or finishing.
In these past few years, there has been a booming growth to the street-racing scene, because of the movie “the Fast and the Furious” which doesn’t depict the car scene correctly as it is. Since the release of the movie, everybody who owns a car thinks they are a street racer. The true scene of the real street racers has gone away and faded due to the copycat sense of the imitation racers. The imitation racers and the movie “Fast and Furious” have given real street-racing a very bad name. The imitation racers think that they can race anywhere and at anytime. They don’t care about safety of themselves and others around them.
Lets start with the movie “Fast and Furious.” This is a movie about the import scene where people have fast cars, and lots of money. The producers also depicted street racers are thieves, thugs, killers, and hi-jackers. Also in the movie, they have a quarter-mile race, which seems like it is two to three miles long. The makers of the movie even with the help of legal, well-known drag racers blew the whole street racing scene of out proportion, having cars all line up a certain way, people polishing their cars, girls showing off and having numerous cars lining up to race, and showing them race for a lot of money and for

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... Determination of Drag Coefficients for Various Sphere Types Adriana Carbon, Jessica Lake, Jonathan Bessler ChE 341 Experiment 1 March 6, 2015 Abstract “A wind tunnel is a specially designed and protected space into which air is drawn, or blown, by mechanical means in order to achieve a specified speed and predetermined flow pattern at a given instant” . The flow over a specific object can be observed from outside the wind tunnel through transparent windows that enclose the test section and the flow characteristics can be measured through specialized instruments. In this experiment an open-type wind tunnel was used to observe the flow over different types of spheres and the experimental results were used to calculate each sphere’s flow characteristics, such as the coefficient of drag force (CD). From our experimental results, we determined that the balls all displayed a sharp drop in drag coefficient at the turbulent transition with drag values in reasonable ranges when comparing these results to the literature values. Introduction: The total drag of an object may be due to pressure as well as frictional effects. In this situation the coefficient of drag, CD, is defined as Equation 1 where F is the force, AP is the projected area of the surface, is the density of the fluid, and v∞ is the free-stream fluid velocity. The quantity is often called the dynamic pressure....

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