Peace Corps Thesis Statement


This thesis analyzes how Peace Corps recruitment practices and materials construct narratives of Peace Corps experience in terms of nation, race, and gender. In addition to nine Peace Corps recruitment pamphlets and one book of returned volunteer stories, I collected data through ethnographic methods. Analysis of this data focuses on how these narratives relate to, serve to (re)present, and potentially (re)construct the volunteer, her work, and relationship to the ‘Host Country National.’ Using a postcolonial lens, I explore the degree to which these Peace Corps narratives serve a neo- or anti-colonial function. In addition, I analyze my own implication in the neocolonial process and discursive reinforcement of hegemony by engaging with postcolonial self-reflexivity in my writing. In Chapter II, I aver that Peace Corps recruitment materials serve to reinscribe the normative American as white-bodied. In Chapter III, I argue that the way volunteers construct narratives of ‘effective service’ centers American perspectives and functions imperialistically. Additionally, I argue that this narrative is ruptured, and the neocolonial implications destroyed, when the intercultural relationship is centered rather than the American, or indeed the Host Country culture. Next, in Chapter IV, I argue that the American exceptionalism necessary to have the ability to ‘empower’ others is based not only on Americanness, but also whiteness and masculinity. Finally, in Chapter V, I argue that the Peace Corps experience itself, though based in privilege, creates the possibility for subverting dominant narratives.

Recommended Citation

Hanchey, Jenna N., "A Postcolonial Analysis of Peace Corps Volunteer Narratives: The Political Construction of the Volunteer, Her Work, and Her Relationship to the ‘Host Country National’" (2012). Communication Graduate Theses & Dissertations. 24.

How to Write a Winning Peace Corps Essay

A Peace Corps essay can be written for an application or a competition. In whichever scenario, essay writing on peace is not an easy process. Mostly when applying for Peace Corps job, you will be asked to write a short essay about peace. It is the Peace Corps application essay that delays the application process. To write Peace Corps winning essay, you need to show in your write-up how you will adapt to the cross-cultural situations. You need to be familiar with how the peace corps operates. You should be able to generate some Peace Corps essay questions that will guide you through the write-up. To capture this, here are some Peace Corps essay tips:

  • Ask yourself what the situation is like wherever you are
  • When and how the issue of cross-culture arose.
  • Outline the cross-cultural differences that you encountered and whether there were challenges.
  • Explain how you adapted to the differences and the results of the adaptation.
  • Finally, show what you learned from the situation and its relevance to the Peace Corps service.

 Peace Essay

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