Unit 8 Applied Ict Homework

ICT – GCE Applied in ICT (Single Award)

Exam Board: WJEC
Course leader: Mr Zaheer
Course name: AS /A2 GCE Applied in ICT

General Information
The WJEC GCE in Applied ICT has been written so as to offer students a highly contemporary experience in ICT. It seeks to provide innovation in its delivery and promotes student creativity through the paperless scheme of assessment. Real world problems require real world solutions, solutions that acknowledge the multi-faceted nature of ICT in society today.

Encouraging learners to acquire the following range of skills through the study of realistic contexts:
• Practical skills: personal organisation and time management skills
• Presentational skills: reports and oral presentation
• Personal skills: initiative and creativity
• Interpersonal skills: team working, discussing issues or problems, leading a team
• Cognitive skills: investigation and research, decision making and project planning

Course Outline

The qualification has an AS/A2 structure. Students can study the following:
• Single Award AS GCE (2 units)
• Single Award Advanced GCE (4 units)

AS Level
The AS qualification has a broad appeal and develops students’ communication and decision-making skills. These are harnessed to build and maintain an e-portfolio as a showcase for their achievements. The skills acquired through study for the AS level in Applied ICT will support further study in any subject area.

A2 Level
The A2 qualification allows students to extend their knowledge and skills as ICT end users. The course involves real projects which students have to manage, design, develop and implement.

Year 12
Summary of Assessment Scheme

AS GCE – Single Award UnitsAssessment
AICT 1 – eBusinessPractical Assessment / Examination
AICT 2 – eSkillsInternal Assignment

Year 13

Advanced GCE – Single Award Units  Assessment
AICT 5 – eProjectExternal Controlled Assignment
AICT 6 – eStudioInternal Assignment

Careers and Higher Education Opportunities
Students who successfully complete the qualification will be well equipped to move onto degrees, BTEC Higher National Diplomas and employment in related subjects such as ICT, Computer Science, Information Systems, Multimedia, Software Engineering, Computer Networking, e-Business and Information Management

Extra-curricular enrichment opportunities
Regular support sessions will be available at lunchtimes, after school and break times throughout the course to help students with homework, projects and exam preparation.

BTEC Applied ICT Level 3

The BTEC Level 3 National Subsidiary Diploma is a vocational qualification that requires students to study a wide range of technology, computing and communication techniques. It is equivalent to an A level in UCAS points.


Mandatory Units:

  1. Communication and employability skills for IT.  This unit is designed to improve general communication skills by exploiting certain application packages and IT tools. There are 8 coursework tasks that are assessed.
  2. Computer Systems. A computer system comprises of both hardware and software components. This unit looks at operating systems and a whole range of hardware and software and includes basic maintenance skills. There are 8 coursework tasks that are assessed.

Optional Units require students to deliver a range of coursework that requires both practical skills and producing some lengthy written reports. Units offered include:

  • Organisational systems and security
  • IT systems trouble shooting and repair
  • Communication technologies
  • Developing computer games
  • Website production
  • Computer animation
  • Spreadsheet modelling

The First Year (equivalent to an AS level)  will comprise of Unit 1 Communication and employability skills for IT, Unit 2 Computer Systems and Unit 22 Developing Computer Games

The second year of study will require students to study a further three units that will be selected based on students’ strengths and preferences.

Useful equipment / resources

BTEC Level 3 Information Technology for edexcel Books 1 and 2 and by Karen Anderson, Alan Jarvis, Allen Kaye, Jenny Lawson, Richard McGill, Jenny Philips and Andrew Smith. Published by Pearson.

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